this is THORTY

ready for our boldest decade yet

a lot of people dread turning forty. we're seeing more wrinkles, we're gaining weight in places we didn't know we could and we're starting to wish we had done things before we got so old.

don't resign yourself to the fact that turning 40 means you're "getting old". turning 40 is awesome. and I'm going to spend my entire 39th year of life ensuring this. 

are you with me?

My twenties? Were awesome. And tumultuous. I am so glad Facebook was not around back then because there would have been a lot of "It's Complicated" relationship status updates, a vigilant dedication to the untagging of photos best kept out of public view and a copious amount of "vague booking". Plus, I spent more time during that decade than I'd like to admit, but I will here, hungover. I'll leave that decade where it belongs. In my past.

My thirties? Well, technically I'm still a 30-something as I've got less than one year left. But my thirties were amazing! I settled into motherhood, my career really gained momentum and I became more comfortable in my own skin. But this decade has been more about trial and error than anything else. I had to learn the hard way about how my own self-inflicted workaholic ways are not good for anyone and I surprised my 20 year old partying self with my parenting skills. Thirties have definitely been my favorite decade so far. It wasn't without heartache, loss and dark times but so far, if I had to relive a time in my life all over again, it would be my 30s.

And now, I'm ready to make my forties the best 10 years of my life yet. This is going to be the decade that trumps all the rest. Why? Because I'm going to dedicate the last year of my thirties to laying the foundation to make it happen. My goal is to make my 40s my most happy, healthy, spiritual, gorgeous and fulfilled decade of my life yet.

This, right now, is thorty. 

It's not the time we decide the best is behind us and lament on all the things we can't have, like the waistlines of our 20s or the faint wrinkles of our 30s. This is the time that we decide, relentlessly, that the best is yet to come.

Whether you are turning 40 within the next few years like I am or you've just turned 40, I'd love for you to embark on this journey with me. 

Bring it on,


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